About HamstersATX

HamstersATX is a small team of local ethical breeders in Austin, who took their love for hamsters and wanted to give the opportunity to new hamster owners or experienced owners a chance to find a new companion and build a bond from an early start. We take pride in the young one's comfortability in daily interactions and sounds they may hear. Our main priority is ensuring the health and well-being of the little ones from birth until they leave with their forever family.

Why should you consider adopting from us?
Personalized Adoption Experiance

We make sure we are on top of our communication whether it comes with a new or experienced owner, we make sure that the process of getting a new hamster is smooth, simple, and educational.

A Experience You Can Trust

What separates us from your local pet store is that we interact with the little ones at an early age, that way they are more comfortable with interactions once they go to their new home.

We breed for quality, not quantity.