Frequently asked questions!

Where are ya'll located?

We are located in Austin, Texas.

Are ya'll on social media?

We are! Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook! @HamstersATX 


Do you ship hamsters?

We do not at this moment.


How can I be added to your waiting list?

Please go to the adoption tab, read the requirements, and fill out the form!


How much is the adoption fee?

Our base adoption fee is $45. This includes your selected healthy well feed and supplemented hamster, handled at a young age, accustomed to daily family life, comfortable with people and sounds, used to sand baths, the communication we provide to our customers, and a take-back guarantee, if you are suddenly unable to care for your hamster, we will be more than happy take it back ( please provider your enclosure and provide proof of adoption) We are confident that the hamster you take home is healthy. Keep in mind, there might be any genetics or pre-existing health conditions discovered. 

Can hamsters be around young children?

Absolutely! The Syrian hamsters make an ideal first introductory pet for young children (under supervision of course and proper research). They are ideal since they take less time and effort than a cat or dog and are less expensive. Something important to take in mind is that depending on the personality some hamsters may be shyer than others and in this case it's important to teach young children the importance of patience with smaller animals. It is not recommended that children under 6 years of age should be given any animal as a pet since they are more likely than older children to pick bacteria, germs, and diseases. 

How long will my hamster live?

Unfortunately, these little creatures usually live 1-3 years at times even longer!.


How often do I need to clean my hamster's home?

Every 2-4 weeks depending on the smell and how clean it is. Cleaning should include toys and wheels. Spot clean as needed! Hamsters usually pick a corner to urinate in or their designated spot so make sure to get those spots!

Should I give my hamster a bath?

Never bath your hamster, as they can catch a cold. You should never bathe your hamster. Hamsters keep themselves clean and wash regularly. 

Is it normal for hamster's teeth to be yellow?

Yes, it's very normal. If they are white then it could be a health problem and a trip to the vet.


What kind of water should I give my hamster?

The water you drink should work perfectly! Make sure it's not too cold or too warm.


What color should my hamster's urine be?

It should be concentrated in natural milky-white or cream-colored. Urine never should be clear or have blood, in this case, a trip to the vet will be needed.​


What should I bring my new hamster in?

Bring a hard plastic carrier to bring your new companion home. We have small boxes available but they may chew their way out in a long car ride. If you're traveling a long distance we offer small chunks of apples or cucumbers along with the hammy.


Can I hold my hamster immediately when I get home?

We recommend a couple of days just to let the hamster get settled into their new home and the surrounding environment. When placed into their new habitat they can feel confused and uneasy.