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Owners of Millie

"We have been very pleased with our experience with HamstersATX. Our hamster is tame and super sweet. I can really tell she was handled and loved. We drove from Corpus Christi to Austin and I’d do it again because our hamster was worth it. I would recommend HamstersATX to anyone!"

Owners of peaches

"Peaches is the sweetest hamster I have had so far. She is very friendly and I can tell that she is comfortable around me and the rest of my family! She sometimes gets shy when she is in a new space but that’s totally normal. Over all she is well and healthy and I am very happy I chose to adopt her as a pup then buy her from a pet store."

Owners of Sid

"He’s healthy and happy, very shy but he’s already very comfortable in his new home! The wait was very worth it, & glad I was able to get him through a local breeder."

Owners of sandy

"I’m happy that I used an ethical breeder. Our little hamster is so energetic and adorable! I feel good knowing that she was well taken care of before she came to us."

Owners of peatree

"Amazing breeder! The process for getting my Peatree was smooth and easy! And my hamster is super sweet and wasn’t scared to be handled the first couple days I got him."

Owners of Stevie

"My experience with HamstersATX was great from the start to finish! I am super grateful that I got a healthy, happy hamster as well as ongoing support. Definitely would recommend if you are wanting a sweet, good-natured hamster.

Owners of Truffle

"HamstersATX is the best! We will never buy a hamster from a pet store again!"

Owners of Basil

Our hamster is so adorable! Because of the interaction and care, he received before we got him, it took no time to be able to hand feed as well as pet and hold him. He wasn' t terrified of us and taming was an easy process! We would definitely recommend HamstersATX to ANYONE!

Owners of Squeaky

Great communication, great help, and a great hamster!

Owners of SweetPea

SweetPea is doing absolutely amazing! She's nice and healthy and very tame, I would definitely recommend HamstersATX to a friend as they are a great ethical breeder!

Owners of Peppa

"My daughter and I were so happy to find Hamsters ATX! They were a pleasure to work with through the whole process. Our hamster is wonderful and not bitey at all!"

Owners of Bronco 

"My 8 year old says his little hamster "is the best!" We have fun watching him and feeding him healthy treats. He is super cute and look forward to taming him which he seems fine with gentle pets on his back."

Owners of Ava

It was wonderful to adopt a hamster that I know was well taken care of and handled by people from an early age which made her super friendly.

Owners of Erie

loved my experience with HamstersATX. They were caring and personable. It's wonderful that they put time and energy into providing hamsters that are more tame and socialized than the ones you get from a chain pet store.

Owners of Triscuit

We’ve got a very happy and healthy hamster at home thanks to HamstersATX. They’re very helpful, open with communication, and you can tell they really care about their hamsters!

Owners of Spice

We were so happy to find an ethical hamster breeder in Texas.   We drove from Houston to pick up Spice, our hamster.    Within two to three weeks, she would eat seeds from our hands.  We are so happy to have Spice as part of our family.

Owners of Panini 

HamstersATX take care of their hamsters very well. If you are considering getting a hamster, you should adopt one from them as opposed to going to a pet store!

Owners of Jerry

We adopted our little guy from HamstersATX. Very happy with the level of concern and commitment these folks have done ensuring their hamsters go to good homes. Couldn’t be happier!

Owners of Peppa

Owners of Peppa

Owners of Pickles

Pickles is super cute and will fall asleep if cupped in our hands. Hamsters ATX was a great experience for our family!  We love our baby hamster Pickles! 

Owners of Penny

HamstersATX is fantastic to work with. They kept me up to date on any information I would need before my hamster came home, they genuinely care about the wellbeing of the hamster which is fantastic. They are super organized and picking up my hamster was a breeze. Would highly recommend adopting from HamstersATX! :)

Owners of Elora 

HamstersATX has been an absolute joy to work with! From start to finish they have tailored a wonderful experience to ensure you receive a healthy and ethically bred new member of your family. Their communication was stellar, their process was transparent, and the overall experience was one we enjoyed so much we will repeat it in the future. Whether you're new to caring for hamsters or experienced at it, HamstersATX will work with you and ensure you're prepared to welcome a hammy home. Our Elora is beautiful, sweet, and brightens our day. She brings a little magic and happiness wherever she goes, and we look forward to seeing her grow one day at a time. I would recommend going with HamstersATX to anyone looking for a compact companion with big personality.

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We are really happy that we got our hamster from an ethical breeder. The hamster that we got is energetic, kind, cute, and funny. She's always waiting for us to take her out, and play with her. From how quickly she got used to being handled, I can tell that she was being in hands a lot before.

Owners of Tater-Tot

We love our new baby! Thank you HamstersATX for making our adoption experience so seamless. Wonderful communication and easy pick-up. We will keep you posted on how he does!

Owners of Gus Gus

We were so happy with every aspect of the adoption process. We highly recommend HamstersATX to anyone who is thinking of adopting a hamster. The best part is that our hamster Gus is so sweet and cuddly!

Owners of Muffin

Hamsters ATX is AWESOME! They have great communication throughout the entire process. They are quick to respond with any questions or concerns. We are loving our new addition to our family. I would highly recommend them to any hamster loving family. They even check in with you after you bring your new hamster home. Great experience and care! We will only be adopting from them in the future!!